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AlpineFoil Hawk 1800 Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Alpine Hawk with its Surf 1800 free ride wing is the perfect wing foiling toy for lakes with steep short wind swell. It's ideal for riders of over 85kg/185lbs. It is an incredible pumping machine.

The Hawk 1800 in action:


- lightweight: 3.3kg

- pumping machine

- speed and stability


- lack of rigidity between the fuselage and the mast

- maneuverability

Configuration tested:

- 75cm aluminum mast with 4-hole plate

- Surf 1800 free ride wing

- 440 stabilizer.

Price: ~1100 Euros exVAT

Below is a comparison of Alpinefoil's recent wings which shows how large the Hawk1800 Free ride is compared to the others.

More information about Hawke 1800 can be found here

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