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Is the Taaroa iUP the future?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Today I spoke with Baptiste Tripard from Taaroa/Fly4All and he gave me a detailed update on the p development their intelligent foil, the iUP. It's almost ready for prime time!

The iUP is the first foil of its kind. You can find out more about it by visiting Taaroa dedicated product preview page. Here is a little teaser that should get you excited:

The objective of this foil is not to break any speed or maneuverability records, but rather make the sport of foiling accessible to many more people. It is like the driving assistance in the latest Porsche. It allows you to drive it fast and enjoy its performances despite the fact that you are not Formula 1 drivers having spent countless hours and $100,000 learning to drive a race car.

Baptiste said that he feels that they are 70% there. The tech fully works: sensor, mechanics, communication... Now it's a matter of iterating with the software. So far, about a hundred foilers have tested the iUP in various conditions and provided their feedbacks. After each session, the Taaroa engineering teams pour over the log files to understand how the foil behaves during critical transitions phases such as jibe, tack, or before any rider crash.

Taaroa will soon offer the ability to place pre-orders. at that point, they will be providing pricing and delivery timelines. When they do I will put a link here.

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